Reference Page

Resources for students:

online college course in nanoscience
Brochure introducing nanotechnology and listing resources Article on the potential toxicity of silver nanoparticles
Database of consumer products that use silver nanoparticles. Where is nanoscience being done? Benefits and risks Nanotechnology podcast series from The Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco Podcast from Exploratorium about consumer products that use nanotechnology (Scientist and science journalist) Nanoscience Informal Science Education Network (targeted at ages 11 and up) The Kavli Nanoscience Prize website Virology Resource (taxonomy, descriptions, and images of all viruses) Bacteria Resource Website on Nanotech and it Dangers (references) Benefits of nanotechnology

Treatment using gold nanoparticles to kill cancer cells
Lack of nanotech regulation a danger to human health article
FDA article about nanotechnology regulation

Above grade level article about public perceptions of nanotech.
Scientific American article about carbon nanotubes as the new asbestos.
Article about why there are not more protests about nanotech

Careers in Nanotechnology
Michael Pritchard - inventor of nanotech water filter
Richard Feynmann's Speech about Nanotechnology

Hardcopy resources:
M. Ratner & D. Ratner, Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea. Prentice Hall, 2003.
R. A. L. Jones, Soft Machines: Nanotechnology and Life. Oxford University Press, 2004.
Scientific American special issue on nanotechnology, July 2004.
Understanding Nanotechnology – a collection of articles from Scientific American. Warner, 2002.
McGowan, C. (1994). Diatoms to dinosaurs: The size and scale of living things. Island Press.
Sellers, K. et al. (2008). Nanotechnology and the environment. CRC Press.
Drexler, E. (1987). Engines of creation: The coming era of nanotechnology. New York, NY: Anchor.

Curricular Resources:

Questions to go with nanotechnology DVDs NSF Project about teaching the nanoscale in high school Unit to remodel: Size Matters
Modeling the nanoworld with Legos Website with short lesson and many resources to different applications of nano.
Modeling nano cancer treatment
Biological nanomachines - Build a virus activity Online textbook chapter on nanotechnology (high school level) Index to nanoscale science curricular materials at University of Wisconsin High school and middle school modules on nanotechnology from University of Wisconsin Introduction of the idea of nanometer - Nanosugar Activity Introduction of the idea of nanoweight - Nanosand Activity Activity to illustrate the importance of using small tools to manipulate small things

Materials for Type III Activities Investigations of sunscreens or water filtration

Materials for on grade level activities Societal Implications Lesson (designed for grades 6-8)

Materials for above grade level Technology and Public Policy Activity (designed for MS/HS) Nanoscience unit for 10th-12th grade math
Pictures are really just dots when viewed up close, this is analogous to how different things are at the nanoscale

Visualization at the nanoscale in biology

Empirical research on scale concept:

Research on understanding of scale, ranking test
Research on occupations that require knowledge of scale
Development of student conceptions of size
Understanding scale: Powers of ten
Understanding undergraduates conceptions of scale and nanoscience
Can Nanoscience be a catalyst for education reform?
A typology of undergraduates understandings of scale
Public understanding of nanotechnology (or the lack thereof!)
Why study size and scale?
A review of the literature on nano in secondary education. (Sept 2010)

Concept Maps: Source for concept maps for scale and science, technology, society strands How nanotechnology fits into the science standards

Jobs that use the nanoscale: