Lesson 2: Introduction to nanoscience


  • To introduce the field of nanoscience and increase student curiosity and interest.
  • To introduce a problem for a PBL unit of study.


A video clip featuring work in nanoscience at Berkeley Labs introduces students to nanotechnology, including why nanotechnology is important, why properties change at the nanoscale, the potential benefits, and the risks of this new technology. The teacher leads a discussion in response to the prompt "Are all technologies better than what they replace?". The problem for this unit is introduced, "Should the school require students to wear antimicrobial gym clothing?". A Problem-Based-Learning organizer is completed to lay out a plan of study for the unit. A powerpoint presentation provides a more detailed introduction to nanoscience. Students will learn what it is like to be a nanoscientist.

An alternative way to approach the PBL is to examine the implications of SilverCare washing machines that use nanosilver. https://nano-cemms.illinois.edu/materials/silver_social_issues_full


Advertisement for nanosilver-treated gear:

From: http://www.agiene.com/activewear/


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